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       I am a ceramic and mixed media artist living in Florence, Alabama. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a concentration in Ceramics and Sculpture from the University of North Alabama in 2016, and I also teach Visual Art for grades seven through twelve. I have had a lifelong interest in art, but my passion did not truly begin until I discovered clay in college. Though I dabble in different art forms and media, clay is my preference and is a foundational material for most of my work. 

       I find my work constantly evolving, and it certainly has since undergrad. My sculptural work in college was highly cathartic and revolved around the overall human condition. My most current work has focused heavily on imagery and processes of nature such as the effects of time, decay, erosion, and revitalization. Although my body of work tends to vary in subject, I find they all contain overtones of my attitude towards life, death and related symbolism.

      I create pottery as a means for making art more readily available to the public. Almost everyone will use some type of pottery in their lifetime, and there is something powerful about utilitarian objects that have been made by hand. When I hand build pottery, I am literally investing myself into each piece. No two pieces are alike. I often use natural materials such as rocks or fossils that I have found in the environment to create unique impressions in the work. Each piece will have "flaws" that I believe make the work more special , and it puts me in a mindset of what it might have been like to create vessels in a primal time when they fostered not only survival, but the growth of civilization.   


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